Elite Home Warranty simplifies the home ownership experience by providing the most comprehensive coverage for appliances and systems.

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A New Kind of Company — Elite Home Warranty Offers Coverage in 43 States and Growing


Kind. Genuine. Honest. These are lost virtues, especially in the cutthroat world of real estate transactions. But consumer demand is shifting, and some companies are rising to meet the need. One of those companies is Elite Home Warranty. Launched in 2020, Elite Home Warranty has seen rapid expansion and homeowners who relish the opportunity to do business with a company who cares.


Elite Home Warranty Founding and Mission


The company was founded by home warranty industry professionals. This group of experts had labored arduously in the home warranty field for more than a decade, and finally decided it was time to make a major change. The unfortunate truth is that many home warranty companies exist to collect premiums, but lack the infrastructure or integrity to follow through on promises, or go above and beyond for the sake of homeowners in need. And people who file a claim with a home warranty company truly are in need.Home warranty contracts are meant to cover major home systems and appliances, providing a layer of protection so homeowners aren’t fully on the hook for the steep costs of repairs or replacements. That’s the idea, anyway. The reality is that many home warranty companies use legalese, workarounds and loopholes to avoid paying what a homeowner should get, and homeowners are left with little recourse. You need look no further than prominent legal cases to see the truth of this, and the founders of Elite Home Warranty decided to create a new path.The mission behind Elite Home Warranty is to carve a new future for home warranties, giving homeowners what they deserve, and offering even more than peace of mind. They achieve this lofty goal in a few identifiable ways.


How Elite Home Warranty Serves Homeowners


First, Elite Home Warranty offers the most advanced customization options in the business. Most companies have a standard set of options for covering appliances, systems or both. For many people, though, a home will include a wide range of systems and appliances. If these items are newer, they may still be under manufacturer warranty and not require coverage. There are also a lot of potential items that may need coverage, and EHW understands that each home (and homeowner) is unique. This prompted the founding team to create scalable models, enabling homeowners to truly pick their plans, starting with as little as one item. Customization at this level has proven to be an appealing option for homeowners, who then have a premium they can afford and the coverage that they need. 

Second, EHW also realizes that homes are getting smarter, which means that consumers have a lot more electronics than they used to. Electronics coverage is a rarity in the world of home warranties, but the team at Elite was committed to providing it. This kind of courage is also customizable, allowing homeowners to select the type and quantity of electronic items they need covered in their plan.

Third, home warranties are notorious for exclusions: even ones you had to read the fine print to find about it. Elite is doing away with all of that, realizing that homeowners need full transparency into what can and cannot be covered. Leading with this authenticity is a risk, especially since companies that fudge the data may score more contracts to start with. However, the team at Elite is willing to exchange a quick win for long-term reliability. They are building a reputation of trust, providing the most extensive coverage possible, with as few exclusions as possible, and building plans that put the homeowner first.

Fourth, Elite Home Warranty is seeking to offer better coverage at lower rates. This isn’t to beat out the competition, but in recognition of the fact that homeowners have all types of budgets and all types of needs. As younger people buy homes, they rely on quality, comprehensive home warranty coverage to cover them when they don’t have the cash to take care of breakdowns in the home. For people of any age, buying a home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. Elite seeks to give as many options as possible, offering plans of all prices that ensure affordability, efficiency and elite customer service. Read the home warranty guide to learn more.


Are Supply Chain Issues Impacting Home Repairs?


We all hear about supply chain bottlenecks (and total halts) on the news. When it comes to owning your own home, it is important to understand the broader dynamics that could impact your chance of getting timely repairs.


Supply Chains Slowing Down: Construction and Renovations


First, there is no doubt that labor and material shortages are slowing down new construction homes and renovations. Whether you are building your first home or restoring your old dream home, this will likely impact you. The problem is more severe in some parts of the country, and for some types of materials. While things like lumber have begun to normalize in cost after record-breaking spikes, there may still be a lack of workers to do the job, which brings us to our next point.


Labor Shortages for Home Services


Plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, appliance repair workers: these are all important people if you are looking at a leaky pipe, shorting fuse, freezing house, you get the idea. They’re the team on deck, but what happens if they’re not available when you call? This is actually a vital reason many people have turned to home warranties. Companies like ours have elite teams and a broad network of service providers. Even though there may be some delays, we have a direct line to these local businesses, and may be able to get you service faster, or get emergency services if needed. Contact us to learn more about home warranty plans.


Supply Chain Issues Push Costs Higher


Supply and demand is a fundamental economic concept, and one that definitely connects supply chain issues to your budget as a homeowner. If you are doing home remodeling, it’s likely that your costs have gone up, and may stay up. Some contractors will honor contracts that locked you into a price, but without that assurance, you may be left paying far more than you had realized to lift old stairs, get a new bathroom, or upgrade an area of your home.


Similarly, supply and demand as it relates both to materials cost and labor shortages could cause home repair costs to rise. Trades are in high demand, which means they have less time to make the rounds or respond to unscheduled repair calls. This can drive the price up, simply because of scarcity and need. While it may not seem fair, it is likely to stay this way for a while, and the elevated prices may stay that way long-term.


We know we sound like a broken record, but this is in fact another huge motivator for home warranties. For instance, with Elite, you get to choose your service fee, and we cover many of the costs associated with home repairs (as long as they’re in your plan, of course). It may be worth browsing our plans and doing some cost comparisons, just to see what you’d pay with us versus what you’d pay out of pocket.


Are Supply Chain Shortages a 2022 Problem?


Let’s say it together: will this pandemic just end already?

Unfortunately, no one can predict the future. It could be that the pandemic continues to impact manufacturing worldwide, which has the net impact of affecting trades and home services. If it does, a home warranty is a sure way to stay covered, whatever the external dynamics in the market.


At Elite, we’re here to provide you with just that: elite care, in every season.



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