You Should Know About Red Rock Entertainment gets you closer to the stars 34434

In a post-apocalyptic world the last remaining humans on earth must rely on super-intelligent machines to save them from extinction.

But having helped to build these artificial intelligence life forms, when one escapes the underground research compound where it was lead scientist Eve Gabriel makes a shocking discovery that leaves her questioning her purpose in life, her own mortality and the future of mankind itself.

Now contrast this bleak, futuristic science-fiction film setting with a tense and action-packed period drama set during the New Zealand gold rush of 1860.

After settling on South Island with her husband, wealthy British woman Charlotte Lockton sees her life fall apart when her family home is attacked and baby son kidnapped.

Grief-stricken and all alone in a new frontier, the distraught mother must now embark on a perilous journey into the wilderness. But will a meeting with a mysterious and attractive stranger bring her closer to the truth? And will she finally be reunited with her son?

Both of these engrossing independent films, Genesis and The Stolen, have been created and driven by the cream of British acting, writing, directing and production talent – but also crucially by an innovative and forward thinking company, Red Rock Entertainment.

Red Rock, based at Elstree Film Studios, is an introducer of film investment companies which quite simply make things happen. Helping to fuel the growth of the thriving British Film Industry, Red Rock works closely with a range of home-grown film companies, acting as financial executive producers, introducing funds needed for the production and distribution of independent film projects.

Red Rock is highly selective about the opportunities it introduces to investors, ensuring the film finance companies in its portfolio have strong commercial appeal, a clear target audience, and stick rigidly to budgetary and timing constraints.

The companies have a range of investment opportunities available, including Equity and Distribution options, Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS), and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), that can offer up to 50 per cent or 30 per cent tax relief respectively.

Red Rock knows that the benefits of investing in film far exceed mere box office takings, with DVD and Blu-Ray sales, licensing to TV channels and online broadcasters and merchandising revenue all contributing to the potential for returns and long-term earnings that could last you a lifetime.