Top 5 Health Insurance Policies to Invest

Purchasing a health insurance plan is a vital and good plan of the existence. It allows you to tackle the increasing healthcare cost by covering medical and surgical expenses suffered by an insured person. By visiting the policy’s network of hospital, you will get cashless treatment or else you can compensate your medical cost later. With covering your hospital cost, medical health insurance policies offer benefits towards the policyholder. But selecting a great health insurance plan can also be necessary as you have several options to select from.

To create your existence simple and easy , choice effective, we’ve listed out the top five medical health insurance policies to purchase 2016.

1.Bharti Axa Existence Triple Medical Health Insurance Plan

It’s a medical health insurance plan which supplies you triple benefit. This insurance policy provides you with the initial advantage of three claims for critical illness underneath the policy term, however the three critical illnesses should fit in with the insurance policy pointed out groups of illness (Category A, B and C)

Key Features -one hundred percent sum assured if found having a critical illness during fifteen years from the policy term -Allowance of three claims for critical illness throughout the policy term -Accessibility to waiver of premium

Policy Benefits -No alternation in premium for several years -Cover 13 critical illnesses -Tax benefit under section 80D for that premiums compensated -Option to select from return of premium (maturity and dying benefit offered) and without return of premium -Maximum sum assured of Rs.30 lakh

  1. Bajaj Allianz Individual Health Guard

This medical health insurance plan offers cover individual and family people also. It provides pre and publish hospitalization cost for 60 and 3 months. It covers ambulance charge and 130 daycare treatment in an affordable cost.

Key Features -Offers family discount of 10% -Renewability chronilogical age of eighty years -Cumulative bonus for each claim free year -After 4 claim free years, free medical check-up -Enhancement of sum assured during the time of policy renewal

Policy Benefits -Room rent and hospitalization expense have the freedom of sub limtis -Cover personal accident -Cover 130 daycare procedures -Ambulance replenish to Rs.1000 -Tax benefit under section 80D for that premiums compensated. -Accessibility to internally claim administration -Pre and publish hospitalization cover 60 and 3 months correspondingly

3.Religare Care Freedom Plan

It’s a health insurance plan which supplies cover people of every age group. It provides the chance to obtain cover without dealing with any medical check-up.

Key Features -No maximum on age -No pre-policy medical check-up for everyone -Lifetime renewability -Waiting duration of only two years for pre-existing disease -Automatic recharge of sum assured in situation you exhaust your cover limit

Policy Benefits -Cover domiciliary treatment -Conusmable allowance which provides coverage for transportation cost, attendant’s fee etc. -Recharge of sum assured upon exhaustion of canopy amount -Annual health check-up if covered being an adult -Discount on 2 and three year policy term -Tax Benefit under section 80D of Earnings Tac Act 1961

4.Star Medi Classical Insurance plan

The medi classical insurance policy provided by star health provides you with cover illness and accidents both. The sum assured offered under this insurance policy varies based on your geographic region.

Key Features -Cover non-allopathic treatment -101 kinds of daycare treatment are covered -Cover in-patient hospitalization for at least 24 hrs -Cover emergency ambulance up to and including specific limit

Plan Benefits -Automatic restoration of sum insured by 200% for those who have exhausted your policy term -Bonus of 5% of sum insured for each claim free year -Cover pre and publish hospitalization cost for 30 and two months correspondingly -Tax benefit under section 80D of Tax act 1961 for that premiums compensated. -Lifetime renewability option

  1. Health Suraksha Plan

This health insurance plan provided by Future General covers surgical and medical cost of an covered person. It provides quick settlement of claims with a choice of portability.

Key Features -Cover 130 daycare procedure -Discount offered on renewal of policy -Free medical check-up after 4 continuous renewal years -Option to select from Gold, Silver and Fundamental Plan

Plan Benefits -Cumulative bonus by means of rise in sum insured with no rise in premium -Co-payment facility available -No medical test needed till age 45 years -Pre and Publish hospitalization cover 60 and 3 months -Ambulance replenish to Rs.1500 -Rs.500 each day allowance for associated person

Never purchase a health insurance plan just since it is advantageous for somebody. As you can tell that every health insurance plan has different benefits and features, it might be necessary to be aware what you’ll need. According to your wellbeing condition and requirement select the right health insurance plan that will take proper care of healthcare expense in the majority of the cases.

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